Data Backup


BACKING UP YOUR COMPUTER to preserve your important pictures, documents, finances, and other irreplaceable information IS AN ABOSULE MUST!
Hard drives fail all of the time. Computers can accidentally be destroyed by unforeseen circumstances. ALL IMPORTANT DATA SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE A RECENT COPY SOMEWHERE! Let me help back up your data before it's too late!

Standard File Backup

The simplest and cheapest way is to let me sell you a flash drive and quickly set up the Windows backup program that will allow you to easily run weekly backups.


Computer Image Backup

An image backup will protect you from having to reinstall and reconfigure software after a hard drive crash. This could save you hours or days of down-time on mission critical computers.

While Mac computers can automatically configure and run an image backup, a Windows computer often needs a bit of configuring and training.


Online Backup

If your internet connection is fast, reliable, and unlimited, online backup is certainly the most simple and convenient solution available. I can set up your account and create a solution that will email you the results daily.

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